30 Apr 2013

The Story of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Just how do we come up with the ice cream flavors for the menu at Tin Pot Creamery?  That, my friends, is a hard question to answer — no two flavors start from the same place, so I will do a series on the topic starting with Strawberry Shortcake ice cream.  First, let me explain that as a pastry chef, my brain is calibrated to be thinking about different flavor combinations, like ALL the time.  If you catch me in a daydream, chances are that it’s about ice cream flavors.  It can verge on obsessional, and I am thankful that my husband finds it endearing…

strawberry shortcake ice cream

Sometimes, I get an idea for a flavor because I’m feeling particularly nostalgic about my childhood — Strawberry Shortcake was born this way, but probably not how you’d imagine.   When I was about 5 years old, I developed an intense fascination with the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon character.   Along with my love for the cartoon came a curiosity about the dessert with the eponymous name.  I never actually ate the strawberry shortcake dessert until I was much older, but as a child I figured strawberry ice cream was close enough.   So I ate it often and imagined I was Strawberry Shortcake (the cartoon).  Let’s just say I was a creative child.

strawberry shortcake ice cream

As an adult, I now have the skills to make strawberry shortcake as often as I please, but it feels like something is missing to me if there isn’t ice cream involved.  And so, I created TPC’s take on strawberry shortcake by turning into an ice cream.  It all starts with beautiful organic strawberries that I make a jam out of with a little balsamic vinegar for some oomph.  Next, I blend the jam into a sweet cream base made with milk, cream, eggs and a splash of buttermilk.   The shortcake part of the equation reveals itself as a rich and buttery shortbread.  I layer the two together and there you have it, Strawberry Shortcake ice cream is born.