About Becky

Becky is a mom and pastry chef with a degree in nutrition and one heck of a sweet tooth.  It all started when Becky was a little girl growing up in central Illinois.  During the winter, you could find her sitting on a heating vent, eating a bowl of ice cream.  

Becky's Mom is a wonderful baker and would make almost everything from scratch; from home-made bread to birthday cakes.  Becky’s most joyful memories involve loved ones coming together and eating homemade desserts.  Becky’s Dad is a composer.  Every Sunday morning he’d be in his office (aka bedroom) composing music which could be heard through the door.

Tin Pot’s recipes are decades in the making starting when Becky wrote her first ice cream menu as a teenager.  Becky learned the value of creativity from her Dad and how much better homemade food tastes from her Mom.  She combines these two things together to create the most delicious desserts...we think you can taste the love.