Give Me S’more!

The first time I ever made ice cream was around age 5 with my family in the backyard.  We had an ice cream ball contraption that we filled with rock salt and ice in one end, and then put ice cream base into the other.  Then we kicked the ball around, threw it back and forth for awhile, and low and behold…we made the most fabulous ice cream I had ever tasted.  If I think about it hard enough, I can almost still taste it…almost, but not quite which is why I had to get into the ice cream business.

Chocolate ice cream

Now that my full time job involves creating delicious ice cream flavors at Tin Pot Creamery, I’m constantly looking around for flavor inspirations and ice cream ideas, which is why I immediately started thinking about s’more ice cream last week when the weather was nice enough for a cookout.  The minute I saw the dying embers of the grill, I got the itch to toast marshmallows!  In order to elevate the s’more and take it to the level of deliciousness that Tin Pot Creamery ice cream is known for, we started out by making vanilla marshmallows and graham crackers from scratch.

Graham Cracker

These scrumptious mix-ins were next folded into a decadent chocolate ice cream made using TCHO 64% chocolate.  You can look forward to trying this flavor at our scoop shop this spring!

S'more Ice Cream