The Unlikely Tale of Salted Butterscotch Ice Cream

Salted Butterscotch (1)Salted Butterscotch ice cream was one of the first flavors to be created for the Tin Pot menu, and it happened by accident.  It came about before Tin Pot had a professional kitchen to call home.  At that point, all menu development took place in my own kitchen, where there were no ingredient pars or such thing as inventory management.  I had every intention of making salted caramel ice cream on that fateful day, and was in a baking frenzy, with multiple flavors of ice cream and baked goods going in tandem.  I reached into my bag of sugar – alas!  It was empty.

The grocery store seemed so far away, and I didn’t want to break my kitchen groove so I went with brown sugar instead.  The warning of a former pastry teacher started bouncing around in my head “combining cream and brown sugar can result in a curdled mess!”

caramelizing sugar

Throwing caution to the wind, I added cream to the caramelized brown sugar…and everything completely seized up.  It did not look good…but I just kept whisking and hoping, hoping and whisking.  And then, the mixture smoothed out, with the help of my immersion blender.  At that point, I figured maybe at least my husband would eat it.

I added a good dose of salt to the butterscotch base, enough so my mouth just started to water, and  hit it over the head with a heavy dose of pure vanilla extract.  And then, I realized this flavor was amazing.  Not just good, but cancel dinner and go straight for dessert good…the kinda good you don’t encounter every day.

Since I’m big on playing with textures and adding baked goods to ice cream, my next thought went to what to add to salted butterscotch.  It was already scrumptious but I had just made a pan of dense and gooey brownies…

Gooey Brownie

The answer was simple.  Salted Butterscotch (with or without gooey brownies) has consistently been a favorite of Tin Pot Creamery Fans.  And, it taught me a valuable life lesson: sometimes, the best things are unplanned.

Salted Butterscotch with Gooey Brownies