The Creation of Tin Pot Creamery’s First Scoop Shop

I recently stumbled across an old crumpled up piece of paper in one of my files. On it was a list of half a dozen different ice cream flavor ideas I’d come up with when I was about 15 years old.  Finding this piece of paper was a lovely reminder of how far back the seedlings for an ice cream shop I could call my own were sown.

Ice Cream Flavor Ideas

In the past year and a half, the dream that started well over a decade ago has taken off, and I am so full of gratitude to everyone who has supported me in my dreams. Tin Pot has been my life, and it’s occupied the lives of countless other amazing, and tireless people.  It takes quite a few hard-working, smart and skilled individuals to make one shop come to life.  And what an awesome journey it has been!

Once we secured our location in Town and Country Village, we went through dozens upon dozens of layout iterations before deciding on one that we loved. We wanted the shop to feel warm and homey while being efficient and easy for customers to get in and out.  We also had to design a full kitchen and “clean room” to spin our ice cream.

ice cream shop layout edits

When we finally (!) decided on a layout, the permitting process ensued.  And that’s exactly what it was:  a PROCESS.  We had to go through eight different permitting departments, each with different requirements and perspectives.  Once that was done – phew – construction began.

construction begins

A few weeks later, some of the structure started to emerge…


And this week, it really started to look like an ice cream shop!

front of house

Can’t wait to start filling these freezers with ice cream!

kitchen progress


We are almost there…stay tuned to see Tin Pot’s finished scoop shop!!