Tin Pot’s Brûléed Banana Split

Ice cream sundaes are the ultimate treat; blending warm and cold, creamy and crunchy with limitless flavor combinations.  I love creating ice cream sundaes almost as much as I love eating them – it’s all about balancing flavors with textures and temperatures to create something irresistibly delicious.

Bruleed Banana Split

One of the ice cream sundaes that I knew I wanted to do a variation on at Tin Pot Creamery’s scoop shop was the banana split.  I love the combination, but wanted to put a new, special twist on this dessert…starting with the banana.

Banana being Bruleed

We use a technique that might be familiar if you’ve ever seen a creme brûlée being made.  We sprinkle sugar on the banana and then use a blow torch to create a delicate, thin and crispy sugary crust. This contrast in texture really sets this banana split apart.

Bruleed Banana

We top the brûléed banana with three scoops of ice cream: one of vanilla bean, one of classic chocolate, and one of strawberry shortcake.  Then we drizzle salted caramel sauce on the vanilla ice cream, hot fudge on the chocolate ice cream and our berry compote on the strawberry shortcake ice cream.   Topped off with subtly sweet, freshly whipped cream and toasted nuts, this is a banana split to remember!

Bruleed Banana Split