Our Story

Tin Pot Creamery began in 2012 as an “ice cream of the month club” and evolved to scoop shops and grocery store shelves. 

Founded by Pastry Chef and Mom (of three!) Becky Sunseri, Tin Pot Creamery specializes in honest-to-goodness ice cream made with 16% butterfat, low overrun (less air) and hormone-free dairy from family farms.  The dairy is vat pasteurized which caramelizes the naturally occurring milk sugars leading to a more delicious flavor while maintaining the dairy's integrity.

Drawing from her Nutritional Science degree from Cornell University, as well as her pastry chef certification, Becky’s approach to crafting delicious ice cream melds technical skills and nutrition know-how with innate creativity and nostalgia.

Tin Pot Creamery makes scoop shop quality ice cream that you can get from the grocery store, where all it takes is one bite to inspire wonder through flavors that transport the imagination.