Tin Pot Creamery started as an ice cream of the month club in 2012. After about a year of delivering ice cream to customers in the Bay Area, Tin Pot opened its first brick and mortar store in Palo Alto. The team at Tin Pot Creamery handmakes ice creams, toppings, sauces, mix-ins and baked goods every day. The menu changes seasonally and there is a strong emphasis on organic and local ingredients. Tin Pot has several scoop shops in the Bay Area.


Give the Gift of Tin Pot ice cream! Whether it’s for someone else or a gift for yourself, celebrate with Tin Pot’s handcrafted, small batch ice cream. Vibrant and flavor-forward choices include luscious takes on classic flavors like Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip, and Coffee with Cocoa Nib Toffee as well as new favorites like Salted Butterscotch, Malted Milk with Milk Chocolate Pieces, Pink Dragonfruit Pineapple Sherbet, and Blue Jasmine Tea. Life is short, enjoy the best!


At Tin Pot Creamery, ice cream starts with the best organic and local ingredients. Our pastry chefs handcraft ice creams, mix-ins, baked goods, sauces and toppings daily. We make French style ice cream, meaning in addition to cream and milk, egg yolks are added for richness resulting in a custard-like base. We churn our ice cream in a gelato style machine which minimizes the air incorporated resulting in a denser, creamier and more flavorful ice cream.

Tin Pot’s innovative take on classic flavors as well as our creative new ones, mix-ins made in our own bakery, organic dairy, and the finest locally sourced ingredients including: TCHO chocolate, fruit from Oya Organic Farm, O Olive Oil, Mighty Leaf Tea, and honey from Bay Area Bee Company make Tin Pot truly special.

Becky, Pastry Chef
and Co-Founder

Co-founder and pastry chef, Becky Sunseri, grew up with a passion for ice cream – eating, making and sharing it. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and moved out to San Francisco where she attended pastry school at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. It was there that she began to hone her skills for baking and pastries. She worked in a number of professional kitchens before she ended up at as a pastry chef at Facebook where she made hundreds of desserts every day and began to stretch her culinary creativity. It was through Facebook that Becky met another individual equally obsessed with ice cream, and together they decided to follow their dream by opening their first craft ice cream shop in Palo Alto, CA. Its overwhelming success led to more scoop shops in the Bay Area where they churn out small batches daily.